Health, Safety & Environment


VTTI has been built on an ethos of adopting non-negotiable safety standards. At VTTI Energy Partners LP, we build on this ethos.

There is no higher priority than the well-being of people and the environments in which we operate. To this end we have a health, safety and environment (HSE) Policy, with a clear and uniform set of standards that applies to all of our terminal facilities worldwide.

In turn, this translates into a better service to our customers. Safe, well-run terminals are efficienct at their core.

HSE Policy

Our VTTI HSE Policy is a statement of intent:

a set of beliefs, standards and actions aimed at achieving world-class levels of personal and environmental safety.

  • We view any accident and incident as unacceptable.
  • We comply with all applicable local regulations as a minimum.
  • We set uniform VTTI standards at every terminal, which are in some cases higher than local regulations.
  • We work to the VTTI Integrated HSE Management Manual which includes both performance management and root cause analysis.
  • We design and provide training and support which results in every terminal being operated by qualified personnel.
  • We invest in infrastructure with the aim of avoiding harm to people and our environments, both inside and outside our terminals.
  • We promote good HSE practice as a fundamental part of employment on our sites; it is everyone’s responsibility.
  • We continuously measure our HSE performance.

Safety: measuring our progress

We subscribe to the belief that only things that get measured get improved.

Our own safety record has shown consistent improvement since 2006 but this is never allowed to give rise to complacency. No terminal can ever be ‘too safe’.

We actively track safety through monthly reporting of any injuries (the Total Injury Rate, or ‘TIR’). This is communicated to the whole company every month.

However, the TIR only shines a light on the past. In addition, we adopt pro-active Safety Observation Rounds, encouraging discussion and learning as our people go about their roles each day.

We also positively encourage blame-free ‘near-miss’ reporting, to make sure that any incident is logged, studied and acted upon.

Respecting and protecting the environment

VTTI Energy Partners LP operates in heavy industry, and also handles products which have the potential to be hazardous to people and the environment.

Each country has its own legislation on environmental performance and in recent years licence requirements have become increasingly stringent. We are committed to comply with all environmental regulations.

In particular, our investment and focus are centred on three areas:

  • Vapour treatment. Deploying dedicated technologies to control vapours and odours that pose hazards or a nuisance to our local communities.
  • Wastewater treatment. We have invested heavily in wastewater treatment technologies to ensure discharges into the environment comply with all local laws.
  • Soil protection & remediation. We have recognised and are addressing the need for long-term soil remediation and protection plans for our older terminals in Amsterdam and Antwerp. Again, we are committed to comply with all local environmental regulations as a minimum.
Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) at ETT, The Netherlands.