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ATPC came into the VTTI portfolio in 2010 and has since benefited from intensive investment to upgrade its facilities and expand its capacity.

It is located in the heart of Europe’s leading break-bulk port and has excellent connections. This enables ATPC to serve the European hinterland market and, via the NATO pipeline, the aviation industry.

The terminal also services global chemical producers thanks to its advanced vessel and train loading/unloading facilities for liquefied petroleum gases.

Adjacent to the terminal, VTTI also owns the largest dedicated bitumen processing plant in Europe which has a capacity of 3,300 metric tonnes per day.

Storage Capacity. The terminal operates 46 tanks, with a total available storage capacity of 4.4 million barrels / 706,000 m3.

Accessibility. The terminal is accessible by ship, barge, road and railway, and has 12 berths with a maximum draft of 46 feet. The terminal also provides a direct connection to the NATO pipeline system and major European airports.

Product Scope. The terminal handles, among others, crude oil, bitumen, gasoil, jet fuel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

  • ATPC, Belgium
  • ATPC, Belgium
  • ATPC, Belgium
  • ATPC, Belgium
Terminal name ATPC Terminal N.V.
Port Port of Antwerp
Harbour no. 279
Address Beliweg 20 Haven 279 2030 Antwerp Belgium
Tank capacity 706,000 m3
Number of tanks 46
Number of jetties 12
Maximum draft 14m