ETA, The Netherlands


VTTI acquired ETA in 2006 and has since channelled a multi-million euro investment into upgrading the site to industry standards and to expand its capacity.

The terminal serves a strong North-West European gasoil market along with traditional gasoline exports to the East Coast of the United States and to West Africa. The terminal offers complex blending services, and its extensive berths accommodate a broad range of vessel types.

Storage Capacity. The terminal operates 211 tanks, with a total available storage capacity of 8.4 million barrels / 1,377,000 m3.

Accessibility. The terminal is accessible by ship, barge, road and railway, and has 11 berths with a maximum draft of 46 feet.

Product Scope. The terminal handles, among others, gasoline, gasoil and fuel oil.

  • ETA, The Netherlands
  • ETA, The Netherlands
  • ETA, The Netherlands
  • ETA, The Netherlands
Terminal name Eurotank Amsterdam B.V.
Port Port of Amsterdam
Harbour no. 1248
Address Jan van Riebeeckhavenweg 9 Amsterdam 1041 AD The Netherlands
Tank capacity 1,377,000 m3
Number of tanks 210
Number of berths 11
Maximum draft 14m