United Arab Emirates

A major Gulf terminal and refinery

VTTI FTL has been in the VTTI portfolio since 2007, and was significantly expanded in 2009.

Its geography is a major strength. It sits at the gateway of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf, in one of the major bunker markets in the world. Its location within the port is also significant, directly adjacent to the shared user berths. This enables faster product-handling rates than at any other terminal in the port. Its berth flexibility and deep draft also mean that it can accommodate any size or type of vessel.

The facility is connected to the Fujairah Refinery Limited (FRL) refinery, which processes a combination of condensate and heavy crude oil. The refinery is able to process up to 80,000 barrels per day.

Storage Capacity. The terminal operates 47 tanks, with a total available storage capacity of 7.4 million barrels/1,180,000 m3. VTTI’s 90% ownership of the terminal therefore equates to 6.7 million barrels.

Accessibility. The terminal is accessible by any type of vessel, and has 9 berths with a maximum draft of 54 feet. The terminal also provides a direct connection to the pipelines of VHFL and GPSChemoil.

Product Scope. The terminal handles products right across the barrel, including crude oil, jet fuel, naphtha, gasoil and fuel oil.

  • VTTI FTL, Fujairah
  • VTTI FTL, Fujairah
  • VTTI FTL, Fujairah
  • VTTI FTL, Fujairah
Terminal name VTTI Fujairah Terminals Ltd.
Port Port of Fujairah
Address P.O. Box 1592 Fujairah 1592 UAE
Tank capacity 1,180,000 m3
Number of tanks 45
Number of jetties 9
Maximum draft 16.5m